Small Diameter Hunting Shaft

Small diameter carbon arrows used to be the standard a couple of years ago, and hunters everywhere loved them; very strong, amazing penetration, resistance to side wind, they had only one drawback: the overlapping point outsert.

Half-Out Point Insert

The point insert is located half inside the shaft, and half outside (HOT Technology). The outside part is flush fitting with the shaft and is of the exact same diameter. It is easy to install, easy to tune and allows for perfect broadhead alignment.

Front Weight Design

The HOT shaft offers excellent accuracy due to the built-in front weight design provided by our exclusive XLT process that places more carbon fiber at the front of the shaft.

XLT Technology

Like all Carbon Impact shafts, the HOT Shaft takes its amazing properties from the XLT seamless technology and unlike wrapped shafts they are strong, consistent´┐Żdevastating!