"My Carbon Impact Shaft flew perfect as I made a perfect 67 yard shot on my 1st Bull Elk ever in New Mexico. What a RUSH!"

Paul Stahl - Team RUSH

"I'm not only a member of Team RUSH but I also make my living in the outdoor industry and I can definitely say the Carbon Impact Arrows are some of the flattest shooting, most accurate arrows I have ever shot."

Bruce Ryan - Team RUSH and RYAN OUTDOORS

"Team RUSH and I have been shooting Carbon Impact Arrows for the past four years and the proof is in the pudding or should I say in the kill zone of numerous big game animals from across the nation. Welcome to The RUSH!"

Jason Allen - Host of The RUSH

You too can follow the incredible shots of Jason Allen and his Team Rush on the Pursuit channel every week.

"I was able to silently draw and shoot this great Michigan Gobbler at only 6 yards because of the super quiet finish of my Carbon Impact Shaft."

Don Lockhart - Team RUSH